Oh, how I miss the blogroll. The little list of links to other blogs and websites that blog authors generously shared back in the day. Before the days of automated 'What you should read next...' links or worse, the ' won't believe what happens next!' Outbrain junk.

This is a list of sites and links that I keep going back to for education and inspiration.

Derek Sivers' Blog
Derek Sivers' always insightful blog. Do look up his podcast appearances. Oh and his book 'Anything you want' is a must read.

The Oatmeal
Matthew Inman's Oatmeal. Do I need to say more?

The Cooper Review
The Google design manager turned online comic Sarah Cooper of the 'Ways to look smart in meetings..' fame. Must read: Her essay 'Take yourself seriously'.

Carissa Carter's website
Look at her amazing graphic CV.

Bret Victor
The marvelous, visionary and humanist output of Bret Victor. I am so excited about Dynamicland

Harrison Metal
Michael Dearing. Enough said.

Nice online magazines